Take the Waterbus ferry to the Kinderdijk windmills! The quickest way to Kinderdijk!

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General information
Nowhere else in the world are there such a high concentration of windmills in authentic Dutch “polder” countryside. Kinderdijk has become one of Holland’s most iconic sights. The unique character of the Kinderdijk windmill-complex has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1997. In the mid-eighteenth century, some nineteen large windmills were constructed which have been well preserved and remain functional to this day.

The windmill “Nederwaard” houses a museum and provides an inside look at the inner workings of a windmill. The visitor’s center Wisboomgemaal provides a small exposition as well as souvenirs and refreshments.

Openings hours
During the summer, World Heritage Kinderdijk is opened daily from 9am – 5.30pm. In the winter, openinghours may differ. Please check for up-to-date openinghours.

Route information
Waterbus can take you to Kinderdijk three different ways

Route 1
From May 1st till October 31st Waterbus line 202 will navigate from Rotterdam Erasmusbrug and Dordrecht Merwekade to the stop Kinderdijk Molenkade. Find your timetable here. The Waterbus Kinderdijk Molenkade stop lies directly in front of the entrance of the Unesco World Heritage Kinderdijk.

Route 2
The second way to get to the windmills of Kinderdijk, is using Waterbus line 20. This line stops at Ridderkerk. Here you can transfer onto the Driehoeksveer, a small ferry boat that will bring you to Kinderdijk. Plan your trip here or use the timetable below.

Timetable route2

Route 3
The third way to get to the windmills of Kinderdijk is by bicycle or bus. We advise you the following:

  • Alternative route via Alblasserdam Kade + 10 minute bike ride: if you wish to travel earlier or later than the above times, we advise you to travel with line 20 to Alblasserdam Kade. From here it’s a 15 minute bike ride to Kinderdijk. Click here for the bicycle route.
  • Bus 90 and 190 from Alblasserdam: Take bus 90 or 190. Bus 90 (to Utrecht) departs every hour, seven days a week. This bus takes you to Kinderdijk in about 30 minutes. Ask the bus driver to stop at Kinderdijk. The bus stop Alblasserdam is within walking distance from the Waterbus stop. Click here for the walking distance.

The timetable of the Driehoeksveer can be found on

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