A city full of history

There is much to see and experience in Dordrecht. Besides a number of events ‘Dordt’ offers a historical centre full of ambience, unique shops and lovely pavement cafés. The Waterbus takes you there in no time while you can sit down and relax and enjoy the lovely view from the River Merwede. There are docks in Dordrecht instead of canals and the Voorstraathaven is the backbone of the old city.

Leave the Waterbus jetty and walk along the Merwekade where you turn right immediately. Continue your way by turning left and walk via the Bolwerk onto the Taankade. Here you can see many pleasure boats bobbing up and down on the water. Turn right at Nieuwbrug and turn into the first street on your left. Continue walking a little further until you arrive at the Grote Markt and the Waag. From here you walk via Koolhaven to the Grote Kerk which construction was started as early as the 14thcentury.

The stained-glass windows show pictures of the Sint Elizabeth’s flood, the National Synode and the Stadsbrand. The Church tower is 65 metres high and there are 275 steps to climb before you can enjoy the stunning view of the city and the rivers.

Historical Dordrecht

Next to stop Merwekade you see Groothoofd, an old city gate

There are 900 national and 700 local monuments in the Historical Centre. Dordrecht, the city of Johan and Cornelis de Witt, is also a place of national importance. In 1572 the First Free State meeting was held in the “Hof van Nederland”. This was an important happening which laid the foundation of the Dutch Republic. A film about this momentous historic event is shown in the Statenzaal

Also unique in Dordrecht is the Museum of Education where educational tools that were once used at school here in the Netherlands or in our former colonies are on display. In this characteristic building a large variety of items can be seen, from slate-pencils to atlases or antique school desks. Visit the cafe of the museum and enjoy a cup of coffee. Fancy a daytrip to Dordrecht? Waterbus gets you there in no time.

Dordt in Stoom
De Grote Kerk

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