Checking in with OV-chipkaart is possible on all Waterbuses. Using an OV-chipkaart is the cheapest way of travelling for all individual passengers.

Reis je met een groep? Bekijk dan onze e-ticket opties, hier krijg je vanaf 10 personen 25% korting op de kaartprijzen.

Are you travelling in a group? Check out our e-ticket options. When you are travelling  in a group of 10 or more you get a 10% discount on ticket prices.

Step 1: Topping up your card. There is a loading and pick-up device on most Waterbuses. Here you can top up your card, collect your ov-chip products and check your balance. Topping up on a loading and pick-up device is only possible with a debit card.

Step 2: Checking in: After getting on board you can immediately check in at one of the yellow check in and check out units. Check in before topping up your card.

Step 3: Checking out: Checking out after each journey makes sure the price you are charged per tour is correct. When you transfer to another Waterbus or another means of public transport you need to check out at the previous one and consequently check in at the next one. If you have forgotten to check out, go to where you can apply for a quick credit refund.

If you have further questions or if you want to see an instructional video, go to At this website, instructional videos on how to top up your balance or collect your bookings are shown.

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