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Marathon Rotterdam

Hollandse Biesbosch

The largest variety of Dutch flora and fauna

The Biesbosch is the largest fresh water tidal zone in Europe. It is a magnificent river delta where nature and the tides are not interfered with. The Biesbosch National Park is a spectacular nature reserve with much to discover and plenty to do. You can hire a canoe and sail on the winding creeks along the willow mangroves. You can walk on the bumpy paths and cycle along the meadows where the waterbirds live. You can look for beavers, spot unusual birds and enjoy a large variety of plants and flowers while around you you hear the babbling water.

The kingfisher can also be spotted in the Biesbosch

Waterbus brings you to the Biesbosch Centrum Dordrecht. This is where your "expedition" starts. The Visitors Centre organises many activities such as: tours in a so-called open whisper boat, guided and unguided boat or walking tours, day trips or activities for children.

If you want to discover the Biesbosch on your own you can hire a canoe or a small whisper boat.

There are exhibitions in the Biesbosch centrum and there is a Green shop with a cosy corner where you can look up information or play a game. You can watch the Biesbosch film, which is free of charge and shows you the wide variety of the Biesbosch in all its aspects.

From the Hollandse Biesbosch stop it is a 800-metre walk on a metalled road to the Biesbosch Centrum. Follow the road signs. Waterbus takes you there in no time!


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